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!memes Unofficial Official Meme Album
!namechange Twitch now allows you to change your account name for FREE every 60 days (if you wish to do so). More info here
!agdq Check out my AGDQ 2016 run here:
!alerts Here is the information on our new donation alerts:
!ama Here is a guide on how to ask questions in my chat:
!animespring All anime airing in this spring season:
!bestanime Haikyuu, Clannad/After Story, Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso, Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu and Code Geass, the best anime ever ? DangoDango ? gunSmudyHD
!bingo Gunnermaniac Bingo: gunHype
!cfaq Here is the Pokemon Crystal FAQ:
!chairwr Chair Assembly 100% WR is 29:34 by Octonona. VoD:
!comcast Comcast DansGame SwiftRage
!cwr Current Pokemon Crystal World Record is 3:17:55 by Gunnermaniac3:
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!dsum DSUM video:
!emotes Gunnermaniac's Sub and FFZ Emotes:
!emulator This is the new speedrun version of Gambatte that supports manip in Pokemon Red:
!esa European Speedrunner Assembly:
!ewr Current Pokemon Emerald World Record is 2:34:27 by ExarionU
!fatgunner Here is a video of Gunner before losing 80 pounds:
!fb Gunnermaniac's Facebook Page:
!ffz We have FrankerFaceZ! To see our emotes, download the extension from and get the add-on pack plugin as well
!firstshiny Here's the video of the first shiny I ever encountered:
!freewr When chat asks where all your free World Records went: gunDerp
!goldistwitter You don't dare! gunKappa
!gunkappa ''This deserves a... '' gunW
!gunneranime Gunner's Anime List and ratings: (Full Version) / (Short Version)
!gwr Current Pokemon Gold/Silver World Record is 3:18:41 by Gunnermaniac
!headset Headset. How Do?! gunKappa
!hitler Hitler Video:
!housetour Here's a tour of Gunner's house:
!keizaron Here's the evidence! Keizaron is responsible for the IT ban! PogChamp
!kylie This is our friend Kylie:
!late This is why Gunner is late:
!lorelei Don't worry guys. He won't die to Lorelei.
!late This is why Gunner is late:
!manip Use !redmanip or !yellowmanip for Red/Yellow respectively to get more details!
!moemon This is a Fire Red rom hack that replaces all of the pokemon sprites with anime gunLewd
!moon Here is my grass starter only playthrough of Pokemon Moon:
!mudkip We manipulate a specific Mudkip to speedrun with. Here are its nature and IVs: Naughty 24/27/10/31/31/30
!oddish GODDISH
!palette We're still playing Pokemon Red, the new mt. moon manipulation requires us to change our color scheme.
!parcel Great time.. but only 1 problem:
!patterson PogChamp Successful PogChamp
!pobox Don't have one currently because I'm considering moving in the near future.
!race Watch both Gunner and Keiz during the race!
!redguide Here are notes to get started running Pokemon Red: And here is how to get the emulator:
!redmanip RNG Manip in Red:
!rfaq Here is the Pokemon Red FAQ:
!rta The Pokemon Community has switched to RTA-timing, more info:
!runescape Here are the stats for my OSRS character, gunnerpika:
!rwr Current Pokemon Red World Record is soon™ to be improved
!sb Soundboard: New: Classics:
!schedule I stream 12PM - 7PM Central every day except Saturday!
!scream & Kappa b
!sfaq Pokemon Silver FAQ: coming soon™
!sgqd Video of the red race at SGDQ:
!smudy FapFapFap gunGasm gunSmudyHD NyanPasu gunTeeHee gunLewd gunLove gunLOL
!smudycamp This is the story of the legendary SMUDYCAMP PogChamp
!speedrunning How I got into speedrunning:
!sswr Current Pokemon Soul Silver World Record is 3:39:08 by Werster:
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!summoning Here is the Nidoran Summoning Ritual:
!swr Current Pokemon Sapphire World Record is 2:00:59 by Exarionu
!technology We have technology
!tehurn IT'S TEH URN! PogChamp
!trifecta Three pokemon games back to back - Gold, Sapphire, Red (Red going last because it has the most consistent starter)
!trump gunPika
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!voice "But what if i die?" gunW
!winteranime All anime airing in this winter season!
!yellowmanip New RNG manipulation for catching Nidoran in Yellow: Video of how it works:
!yfaq Here is the Pokemon Yellow FAQ:
!youtube Here is my YouTube channel! Be sure to sub to my YouTube channel to get speedrun related content from full runs to hilariously unlikely deaths!
!ywr Current Pokemon Yellow World Record is 1:55:49 by Gunnermaniac3
!anime Gunner's Anime List and ratings: (Full Version) / (Short Version)
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!progress Progress:
!faq FAQ: Here is the link to the general FAQ: If you were looking for a specific FAQ, try putting the first letter of the game you want behind the command (i.e. !yfaq, !cfaq)
!jesus NinjaBoy20: see I told you to heal your pokemon / Soulsmash365: see, healing was right choice